The Canadian Pet Expos are proud supporters of Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation!

Cat Breeder ShowcaseHot

Rare and exotic

Come out and talk to breeders of rare, exotic and champion felines! Learn about cat shows, and how you can participate!

Dog Breeders Village

Dozens of Breeders!

Champion and pet dog breeders will be on hand in Breeders Village. Learn about your favourite breed, or discover new ones!

Over 300 Exhibitors

Largest Consumer Pet Show in Canada

The FALL Canadian Pet Expo has a strong focus on exhibitor customer interraction. This is the show to learn about products, animals and services!
Flying above the crowds under controlled circumstances, our birds of prey flight demonstrations are something you don't want to miss! 3 times per day!
There are always a great selection of animals at our shows, and diversity is always something we look for in our exhibitors
The second class of Croc University Canada is scheduled for Sept 14 - 17 at Reptilia Canada's premiere reptile public display. This class is being hosted by Shawn Heflick who needs no introduction as his plethora of croc specific experiences is world known.

Hero, the Super Collie

Mastog of Ceremonies

Hero, our master of ceremonies for many of our events has been featured on David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks! Come visit with Hero and his friend Sara as they do their thing at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo!

Exo Terra

Reptile Products

Make your reptiles feel at home. Thanks to Exo Terra's natural approach, the terrarium hobby has evolved tremendously over the past few years. We turned a reptile "cage" into a "terrarium"!
The Canadian Pet Expos are proud to be supporters of the Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation. Proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the DCPRF which are then distributed to needy rescues to further their cause.

There are only -250 days until the Fall Canadian Pet Expo and the 2015 Reptile Breeders' Expo!!